Community update V.2

Hey everyone!

Theobane here, I am one of the admins of Hatigarm Scans in charge of the website (so if you have any questions related to it, find me!) and also the community (All of you are part of it!).

First all, we wish to thank every single one of you for following us and reading on our website. It means so much to see everyone coming to the website and reading our work, which at times takes a long time to make sure the quality meets our standards! However, we would like to start focusing on new things for our fans, like ways to improve your experience on the website and the content we upload.

We are now looking into improving our communication on social media, discord, and our website. We will start by letting everyone know on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) when we release new chapters, we will also do an occasional competition on our pages just for you guys!!

I will be updating everyone once a week on the Hatigarm Blog (where you are now) with new updates on what we are doing and how we are getting there; we want you to be involved as much as we are. We will be asking you for your thoughts on directions and new scans for us to do to keep you guys happy!! In time, others will appear and start writing posts about different topics, and we will let you know of our goals as laid down by Lord Hatigarm himself.

Until then, peace out!!

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